Skillful Techniques:

Regardless with "flat-pattern" or "3-dimensional-cut" pattern making, our professional technicians can fully display designers’ distinctive design features in the finished garments. It’s the reason that our center has earned the praise from the industries and won lots of support from the foreign brands.

Professional Experience:

From the last decade till now, our center has committed to assist the designers to earn numerous award-winning works in different types of classical performances and costume design competitions.

Also, for the uniform apparels, our center was responsible the prototype samples for the Hong Kong airport, and the telecommunications companies.




PMQ 元創方正舉行時裝展覽「10 Asian Designers To Watch」,
當中本地時裝設計師Minki Cheng是該展覽中3位香港代表之一,


展覽由 11 月 27 日至 12 月 4 日,大家記得要支持本地設計師!

服裝設計比賽﹣Designed by CHLOE LAU MAN KWAN

服裝設計比賽﹣Designed by Lung Sze Yan

服裝設計比賽﹣Designed by Jennifer Chan

成衣時裝設計 - Designed by Joe Ngai

成衣時裝設計﹣Designed by Jennifer Chan

舞台服裝 ﹣ Designed by Titi Kwan

舞台服裝 ﹣ Designed by Lancia Ng


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